What happens when you stake Matic?

When you stake Matic , you are essentially locking up your tokens to participate in the validation of transactions and the production of blocks on the Polygon Network. By doing so, you are helping to secure the network and in return, you will earn a share of the block rewards in the form of newly minted Matic tokens.

When you stake Matic , you will first need to choose a validator to delegate your tokens to. Validators are responsible for validating transactions, producing blocks, and maintaining the security of the network. They will also be responsible for distributing the rewards among the delegators.

Once you have chosen a validator, you will send your Matic tokens to a staking smart contract on the Polygon Network. The tokens will be locked up for a certain period of time, during which you will not be able to transfer or spend them.

As a staker, you will earn rewards in the form of new Matic tokens. The rate of rewards will depend on the rate of inflation of the network, and the performance of the validator you delegated to. The validator will share the rewards proportionally among all the delegators.